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About Us

How was TARFfa formed?

The Tristan Allamby Research Fund for Friedreich Ataxia (TARFfa) has been over 5 years in the making. The concept began the day that Tristan Allamby, then 4 years old, was diagnosed with Friedreich Ataxia in 2014. Through in-depth discussions and partnerships with neurologists, geneticists, scientists, researchers and charities, TARFfa is now a robust reality, with significant funding capacity.


One of the Co-founders, Natalie Allamby, has attended every International Ataxia Research Conference since 2015 and worked nearly 4 years on the FARA (Australia) Board as a Director. 


Teamwork is fundamental to the pursuit of our goal: find a treatment and ultimately a cure for Friedreich Ataxia. We work with researchers, scientists, neurologists and pharmaceutical companies to support research. We also work with charities where TARFfa provide funding for grants.

TARFfa is run by a dedicated team of professionals who work on a pro-bono basis.


We are always reviewing new and exciting treatments and trials. TARFfa has currently over $500,000 for research grants. 

We receive no government funding. Our funding is from Co-founders and from high net worth individuals.

Funding is granted when recipients have passed a rigorous application stage, including ongoing review by our International Scientific and Research Advisor and the TARFfa team. Researchers who receive funding are accountable to TARFfa.


100% of TARFfa's funds are provided to research.


TARFfa have no overheads, so all funding is solely dedicated to research and treatments.

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