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TARFfa provides scientific research grants from in-vitro research, to Phase 3 trials to treat and cure Friedreich Ataxia. TARFfa accepts grant requests from established researchers - generally from universities, research organisations and hospitals.


TARFfa works in partnership with other research organisations and charities, and will also accept requests to co-fund research projects.


TARFfa works closely with researchers to ensure they are accountable for stringent quality reviews, regular updates, time lines and thorough reporting on progress.


TARFfa will provide grants to researchers and FA medical professionals for FA research and clinical projects. These projects will focus on pre-clinical work, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials. Research should be aimed at understanding and improving gross motor improvements, fine motor improvements and improved quality of life. Research may involve work on Friedreich Ataxia cells, animal studies or patients with Friedreich Ataxia. The grants will provide researchers and clinical teams the opportunity to provide invaluable information on the mechanisms of some or all of:

  • Frataxin increase or depletion.

  • Mitochondrial homeostasis with Friedreich Ataxia cell cultures.

  • Neronal survival and neurite degeneration.

  • Neuroprotection.

  • Identification of low proteins in frataxin - deficient cells.

  • Survival in frataxin-deficient DRG neurons.

  • Influence of other genes.

  • Axonal and myelin sheath regeneration.

  • Safety. 

  • Drug re-positioning.

Submission of research work using currently approved drugs by the TGA, FDA or other parliamentary regulated organisations will be highly regarded.

TARFfa may be able to assist with the recruitment of clinical trial team members including neurologists, specialist doctors, nurses, social workers, data analysts and other health care professionals.

Applications are accepted from researchers based at universities, hospitals (private or public) or companies from any country. Grants are available for up to 2 years and can cover costs toward remuneration and research consumables.

Researchers must provide an in-depth report on proposed work to be achieved.


Researchers must meet the agreed deadlines and provide regular updates.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, in the first instance, please email Natalie Allamby and provide your details and a summary of your research. You are our priority and we will contact you as soon as possible.


All applications will be considered confidential and be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Research charities

If you are a charity financially supporting ataxia treatment, and you would like TARFfa to fund specific research or a trial, please contact the Natalie Allamby for more information. 

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