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Our Team

mason allamby.jpg

Mason Allamby - Co-founder 

'We are committed to funding research and trials to help our son in any way that we can. To be able to develop TARFfa and work closely with amazing charities and researchers is fantastic. The fact that Friedreich Ataxia is rare (1:30,000) means that receiving funding and awareness is difficult. TARFfa will obviously be able to provide a financial boost so more research can be conducted, and ultimately our son can live a long and healthy life.'

Mason has a Commerce Degree, Diploma of Superannuation Management, Diploma of Financial Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner. Mason was recently ranked 3rd in the Barron's Australia Top 100 Financial Adviser List, published in the Australian Financial Review. Mason is Chairman of FARA (Friedreich Ataxia Research Association). Mason co-founded a wealth management firm -  Escala Partners and previously was a Financial Advisor and Partner. Mason has also worked at UBS as a Financial Advisor. 

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Natalie Allamby - Co-founder and CEO

'Since our son's diagnosis when he was just 4 years old, I have always wanted to be involved in developing a treatment or cure. I very quickly became immersed in research papers and involved in the scientific community. I found there was a great deal of passion, knowledge and ideas, however, due to a lack of funding, the beginning of groundbreaking research could not be fully realised. As time is of the essence, I knew it was integral that there was another path to fund research and that is why we developed TARFfa.'

Natalie has a Honours Bachelor of Business/Psychology Degree, and has worked in senior executive Human Resource roles with international organisations. Natalie has also been a Board Member of the Friedreich Ataxia Research Association (fara) for 4 years and in that time has raised over $300,000 for research.

juan carlos Tristan Allamby Research Fund

Juan Carlos Baiges - International Research and Scientific Advisor. 

Juan Carlos is a key part of the team at TARFfa and provides advice on research and trials to fund. Juan Carlos is internationally renowned for his commitment and dedication to FA research by reviewing and communicating targeted published research relating to Friedreich Ataxia. Juan Carlos is the founder and manager of Friedreich Ataxia Scientific News, which is a compilation of world wide research publications relating only to FA, and is used by researchers and scientists and available the general public.

Juan Carlos has a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Pharmacy and a Masters of Computer Science.

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